Cast Cray – Fin Fizz Clips


You ever pull a fish from the depths and throw it in the livewell just to find it floating to the side?

The fish at this state has filled their air bladder up (bends in a sense) and will lay on their side until the lack of oxygen eventually kills them.
This is not a good thing in a tournament setting or when you want to simpy keep the fish kicking.

By adding a Cast Cray Fin Fizz Clip to the rectal fin of the fish, it will keep the fish in a upright position allowing it to burp out the excess air in its organs.
After a little while the fish will shake the weight off and will live now that the air has passed.

  • (3) Pack
  • 4 oz. weights
  • Tournament Fishing MUST HAVE
  • Safer than fizzing needles
  • Heavier weight than the competition ensuring fish stays upright!
  • Doesnt hurt the fish
  • 3 different colors allows for better tracking


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