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Crappie Club Box – October 2022

This Months Offer:

25% OFF


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EXP  10/31/22 – Limit 1 per Member

What’s New with CC?

New Crappie Style:
Crappie Flukes, SICKadas & Mini Helgies are all on the horizon to drop soon. 

Cincy Fish Dudes Box:
The Cincy fish dudes pro box will be launching soon. Keep your eyes peeled.

New Products:
We are working on a livewell juice, intended on keeping fish alive and healthy. Also we are adding fizzing fin clips soon.

New Show:
We are working out the kinks on our new “podcasty” style show. Soon to launch on YouTube.

New Pro Staff:
Les & Keaton Standstipher… Crappie Pros signed with Cast Cray for the 2023 season!! Awesome! Check them out here


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Crappie Club Box – August 2022

* Correction: 2nd Box but 1st Slam. Love ya Matt lol

This Months Offer:

30% OFF


 Use Coupon Code: 30headyo

EXP  8/31/22 – Limit 1 per Member

Whats New?

Dale Hollow Shootout:
We have been working hard at building our display and show inventory for the upcoming expo at Dale Hollow. We will be bringing 7 different styles in 40 colors each x 10 packs. 2800 packs. Sneak peak note… We are doing a show special of $3/pack.
New Crappie Plastic:
We have been working on improving the durability of our plastic formulation. Our goal is to make the best action and durability we possibly can and we realize that on the durability front we have some improvements to make. Look for these improvements soon.
New Reels:
500 series cast cray lures Pro reels are now available. We launched them and the response has been great. Check them out HERE
New Color:
We will be continuing to place all of our colors on the website. Currently we have 46 colors and just added another called “Gold Rush” Check out a picture below. Look for this color to launch soon.
Pro Staff Boxes:
We will be launching a pro staff version of our boxes. The very 1st edition will be the MFM box featuring all of Matt’s favorite Crap Slap baits. There might even be a signed collectable card in each box “wink wink”….
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Crappie Club Box – July 2022

*Correction – Paddle Tails are “Chartreuse Bling” not Chartreuse Flake

This Months Club Member Only Offer:

40% OFF


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EXP  7/31/22 – Limit 1 per Member

Whats New?

We have been working hard on building inventory for both stock and the upcoming Dale Hollow expo. We currently have nine different styles for Crappie however many of the colors are not posted on the website yet. We have 45 colors in each style. We have been working hard on getting pictures taken cropped and posted so that these new colors are available for all. 
New Crappie Styles:
We are also working on new styles set to launch late summer. You will be the first to hear about those styles as they become available.
New Reels:
We will be launching our 500 series cast cray lures Pro reels within the next 2 months. We will have an exclusive offer for our club members as those become available. Look out for those.
Thoughts of a Retail Store:
Talks of a potential retail store in Northeast Ohio are in the works. As we continue to grow this space will become a exclusive store dedicated to all of our products. You will be able to visit and have live access to the entire Cast Cray product line.