Wobble Jerkbait – Rain Storm


Designed for the spring & fall bites. Cast the bait out and start swiftly pulling the rod making sure to hit the end of the slack and reeling in on each cycle. Our wobble jerk bait wobbles back and forth along with a traditional erratic jerk bait action making this bait look incredibly like a real dying bait fish. The bill specifically was designed to deflect any cover reducing the amount of snags. A perfect option for shallow bass jerking or deep water walleye trolling.
  • Sticky Sharp Hooks
  • Wobbling erratic action.
  • Hot attractive deep water colors!
  • Mean eye
10-15lb – Fluorocarbon
Medium weight casting rod with a moderate / fast action
6.4:1 – 7.3:1 gear ratio
Length: 4″
Weight: 10 grams
Diving Depth: 2-5’

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